Sunday, September 30, 2007

Seven Things Spring week 4: The Great Kitchen Clean-Out


* Sun Herald Sunday Soul CD (I almost didn't count this as it's part 2 of the CD I got last week)
* October 2007 US Vogue (subscription)
* Sept 2007 We Love Lundby Club newletter The Lundby Letter
Black zipfront hoodie
* Black sheep needle holder courtesy of Chris at the newsagents who saw me eyeing them up when they were attached to the front of a knitting magazine I didn't want to buy.
* September 2007 Real Simple magazine (newsagents)
* November/ December 2007 Inside Out magazine (subscription)

Total In this week: 7


* Powerhouse Museum members' magazine Powerlines: recycled
* NRMA members members' magazine Open Road: recycled

Last week's addition of two serving bowls caused a kitchen reassessment:
* 2 blue & white chicken bowls, 1 blue coffee mug (vestiges of a time over 10 years ago in a another county when I had more colour in my life. You'd be shocked - I had a green sofa!): snaffled up by happyspider (I'm happy they're going to a place they'll be loved as much as I loved them once...)
* 2 cake tins (I bought a springform pan years ago to replace my normal pan. So why do I still have the old one? And speaking of old ones, it appears I have 2 identical sprinform pans, so out one goes...)
* 1 quiche dish. I can't remember the last time I made quiche. I have two quiche pans, one with a raised bumpy fruit pattern on the outside (circa 1989). That's one quiche pan too many, so off it goes.): adopted, along with the springform pan by Rachael at this week's SnB.
* 1 pair lacquered chopsticks. (these used to be special. Someone important gave them to me. The fact I can no longer remember who that person was plus that I have another 8 pairs of much nicer, less colourful chopsticks means they get the chop)
* 1 teeny tiny whisk. No idea what this is for. I've had it hanging round for years in the hope I'll work it out but so far no luck. Goodbye goodbye!
* 1 temperature probe for my microwave which I've had since 1992 and never used (the probe, that is, not the microwave) The really silly thing is I've been carrying this thing round for 15 years and have never used it. I'm a fish-eating vegetarian. I think this is used for cooking meat. Why on earth do I still have it?!
* 1 rest for a tea strainer I seem to no longer own. Good grief!
* 4 white Duraceram cups and saucers which were replaced earlier this year by my Maxwell Williams ones, of which I have 10 sets. Now the likelihood of having 14 people over who all want to drink their tea and coffee out of cups seems very very remote. So out the old ones go (even though I still remember buying them at James Smiths in Wellington before a rather fine dinner party)
* 4 white serving bowls which I've never used and now need to space to store my black and white bowls.
(All, apart from those mentioned above, given to Taph to liberate in an op shop far far away, except for the temperature probe which I threw out. I have an irrational fear of stumbling across stuff I've donated in an op shop.)
* 3 recent magazines, 1 exhibition catalogue for Fashion from fleece: 200 years of Australian wool in fashion : donated to Taph
* 2 pairs of green knitting needles to Barb to ensure she doesn't ever need to knit with skewers again (there would have been a third but I snapped one of them getting them into my bag...)

Total Out this week: 26


* 1 mystery Christmas present made for my mother out of fabric I've had for almost a year
* 1 secret squirrel birthday present for Princess B

Net items out so far during Seven Things Spring: 136

(Thus endeth the 1 month period I committed to this project for. But after a wee ponder and a wander around my flat I've decided to stick with it for the whole season. Well, until November 24th when I head off on holiday...)


seepi said...

heh - I have a fear of donating stuff to an op shop and my mother buying it back for me - not so unlikely either!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I've heard of that sort of thing happening: "Here dear, I found a matching vase for that one I got you last Christmas - now you can have a pair" (errr.... no I can't cause you just bought back the vase we finally got rid of!)

Now that the nearest Smith Family shop is in Goulburn (it's still there, right?) I donate into their bins as I'm pretty much guaranteed not to see the stuff again. But breakables are a problem...

leslie said...

good work! that's 26 more treasures you can bring in!