Sunday, September 16, 2007

The second Sunday seven


* August 2007 Wallpaper magazine
* August 2007 Living Etc magazine
* 4 yards Michael Miller K2P2 fabric (partly for a bag I promised to make for
* Burda pencil skirt pattern, courtesy of Taph
* Howards Storage World catalogue, also courtesy of Taph
* Small furry zebra stripe pouch, again from Taph
* Two raw wood dolls house furniture pieces from
Twitchy Fingers (side table and cupboard)
* CD - Erasure,
Light at the end of the world
* CD - Ben Watt, Buzzin Fly Vol 4
* 7 CDs from Cuzzie C
* Powerhouse Museum members magazine (Powerlines)
* 12 frugalled goodies
as shown on Thursday
* Passport holder
* 8 black T shirts
* Summer dress

* Cable turtle

Total In this week: 41


* 1 pair laddered pantihose, 1 pair holey socks: binned
* 6 books: sold
* 17 records: sold* 3 scooter mugs and 3 pieces dolls house furniture: sold* 2 grey plastic file trays, 1 pink woven bag, 1 tin, 2 Easiyo yoghurt containers, 1 pair of shoes, 6 napkins, 1 pair earrings, 4 pairs sockettes, 2 pairs patterned pantihose: donated to The Smith Family
* 11 ancient UK marie claires, 15 books and 23 design supplements: donated to Lifeline Bookfair

Total Out this week: 100

* See here, here, here here and here!

Net items out so far during Seven Things Spring: 110


Taphophile said...

Ooh, well done. But you got rid of pantihose! I'm so going to have to write that tutorial on the life-cycle of the pantihose.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Actually, I just pulled them back out of the bin (don't panic, it was the bedroom bin so all clean) and used them to sand a project for tomorrow's Miniatures on Monday.

Which means I'll need to move them in this week's tally from Out to Shake-it-all-about...

*BB* said...

Well done! You must be rolling in moolah with all that ebay profit too. I'm not counting ingoing for this project, I'm using it as a chance to give up thrifting for a whole month (sob) and buy only what I need....other than fabric which has automatic amnesty!!
Btw you can sell stuff from Bend-the-rules sewing, thanks to permission from the author! How cool is she?

The Shopping Sherpa said...

No moolah to roll in - I turned it into 8 T shirts and a dress in a round of creative accounting (just like the 17 records I didn't want turned into 2 CDs I did!)