Monday, September 24, 2007

Modern miniature news

* I was contacted last week my Modern MC who has a blog full of modern miniatures with some stunning photos (see above) and lots of lovely links.

* Dolls House Emporium have released a new modern dolls house design, Lake View:Plus some new modern furniture and accessories. I'm having a hellish time navigating round their online store, their downloadable catalogue isn't available so I've sent off for a hard copy catalogue which, no doubt, I'll memorise lickity split.
* While reading the lastest Powerhouse Museum members' magazine I came across an article about their recent acquisition of a dolls house. When I pulled up the Powerhouse website to find a link to send to Tiny Times, I stumbled across something much more interesting:The Dinosaur Designs Dolls House, made for an auction at a charity function to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation of NSW in November . Apparently Akira Isogawa and jewellery maker Victoria Springs also contributed houses but I can't find mention of them anywhere online.* I discovered a new-to-me eBay store, Lakeside Miniatures. They stock a range of modern food packages plus birthday cards and wrap. Also check out their website for more modern and period pieces.

* I've set up a Modern Miniatures Flickr group and would be very happy to see your photos of modern miniatures added for all to view.
* Lastly, has anyone tried using these small digital frames in a dolls house setting?

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jennifer said...

Astonishing where the electronic revolution is going, eh?