Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Some random things I'm liking at the moment:

* Bell Shakespeare's The Government Inspector: OK, I figured I would enjoy this as I liked The Servant of Two Masters but Oh My God this was FUNNY. See it if you get the chance. PLEASE! (And if I hadn't already proclaimed myself Nigel Sutton's #1 groupie I might just have changed allegiances and decided that Darren Gilshenan was my main man after those two performances)

* The Rumble Strips: Thanks to a piece in US Elle which used the words "Soul" "Ska" "joyful" and the phrase "compared to Dexy's Midnight Runners", I was intrigued. Thanks to the joys of Youtube, I was hooked. Roll on the CD (or is that being terribly old fashioned in this era of downloads?)

* New Greg Johnson on iTunes:
(Video for Save yourself here)

* Supre's Ev Brushed Vintage Washed Tee. No matter if they're $5 each (Belconnen) or $10 each (Civic) I'm still very very happy that I've finally found a replacement for the Jeans West Ts that went out of production 4 (5?) years ago and that I've worn past death, to resurrection and back down again...

* Rob Ryan's blog (which I was alerted to by someone in my Bloglines who I now forget. Whoops...)
* Ratatouille which I'm still dying to see, but am being patient so other 642.4 people can come with their small people...

* Mark Ronson (especially when an animated Lilly Allen's involved)

* Snow Toffee Pops. Nuff said.

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Taphophile said...

I usually LOVE Bell Shakespeare (hard not to, really), but I loathed "Servant of Two Masters". Left me completely cold. Luckily we had opening night party tickets to that one, so the free food and grog made it worthwhile.

The Rumble Fish - love me a ska band. They aren't Madness, but it's probably not all that fair to compare across two decades. Dexy's - possibly.