Friday, September 21, 2007

I'm in trouble deep....

Oh dear oh dear oh dear!

It all started this morning with a trip to The Lifeline Bookfair. I felt I was pretty restrained and delighted in the fact that all my purchases toned nicely (and the Charles Schultz one wasn't even for me)So that's 12 In within 1.5 hours.

But since I was out at EPIC, I figured I should swing past Mitchell Salvos. And once I left there Miss Daisy sort of automatically headed up over the new Gunghalin Drive extension to visit Colleen at Belconnen Vinnies and Ken at Belconnen Salvos. It was Friday, after all...

I bought some patterns for Taph at Vinnies so had to head to Woden to drop them off to her. And once again Miss Daisy just automatically headed for Phillip Vinnies and parked outside.

But that's not all. In the spirit of a dieter who's just eaten a large slice of chocolate mud cake and ends up devouring the rest in one sitting as they've already falied, I finished the day by picking up the two guide books I'd had my eye on for months. Brand spanking new. With no discount.


So let's have a count of the damage:12 books and CDs from the Lifeline Bookfair. Plus:

* 7 lots of fabric masquerading as linen (Hello, my name is The Shopping Sherpa and I'm a fabric addict.)
* 1 summer dress.
1 book to Book Cross on the cruise ("Hey kids! You're on a ship. Let's read about another ship which sank and lots of people DIED!") and another to read. Then sell.
Spy Kids DVD. Yay! I love Spy Kids!
* The two guide books just mentioned...
* (Not really seen) a perspex pamphlet holder just in case I actually stop frittering away my days off work, make some bags and have a stall which requires some information to be displayed..
* (This is a killer): 15 pairs of knitting needles. Do I need them? No. Do I like my ever changing knitting needle sculpture? Hell, yes!
* Hangy thing for displaying err things somewhere like err a stall...

Total: 42 so far today

But wait! There's more!

* 3 very cool Enid Gilchrist pattern books (which I hope to eBay with much success very very soon, if only to redress the balance of my Seven Things Spring... (I'm desperate so also open to swap suggestions...)45

* The Life issue which covered Jim Henson's death. *Sniff*46

* Two wooden jigsaws - one about sewing (how cool is that?!) and one with Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Still deciding if these are swap material or eBay material.


As Taph so plaintively put it this morning as we had a coffee at the Bookfair "Why didn't we give ourselves a Get out of jail free card since we knew Lifeline was coming up this month?"

I hear you Sister!


Heidi said...

Oh, oh! Swap with me. I'm in love with that sewing jigsaw puzzle! What would you like for it? One of my recycled sweater purses? (See Or do you collect something I might have?

jay said...

I think it all just proves Stuff is Good, and when Stuff finds a home where it is appreciated, then the Spirits of Happiness dance with joy. Of course it gets a bit difficult to dance when you keep bumping into the piles of Stuff, but that's the challenge.

*BB* said...

Oh my, you've been busy!! That Life magazine is a keeper. I'd swap you something for the sewing jigsaw but heidi has first dibs, damn.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Jay: That's poetic (but very funny). I have the urge to cross stitch it and frame it or something. ;-)

My problem is (apart from the fact I have a large house) that I take William Morris's quote "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful. " too litterally...