Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mid week madness

Wubba wubba is all I can say!

The craziness started yesterday when I got a call from Princess B's sister saying she was in town for work and had a delivery for me. And I realised that she had A CAR. And was heading back TO SYDNEY. And if I got organised I could get her to drive Princess B's birthday and Christmas presents back up with her and, for a change, Princess B might get pristinely wrapped presents rather than the usual delivery of packages that have been through the hell that is 3.25 hours in the hold of a Murrays Bus.

There was just one small problem (of course!) One of the largest presents wasn't actually completed as I (working on the whole Just In Time Management theory) planned to finish it this weekend. So lunchtime yesterday saw me in a mad frenzy of making and wrapping (yep - a new record. I was wrapping Christmas presents on September 25th...)

But I got it all sorted and packed into the car in exchange for a collection of shipping boxes and, more importantly, packing peanuts - something I refuse to buy and which Princess B seems to be very good at keeping me supplied with...Just as well, really, as it would seem the wrapping of the Christmas presents was the signal of the start of the Christmas season. This is the view from my desk today:teetering piles of dolls house furniture waiting to be posted out once I get payment. Good timing on the packing peanuts, Princess B!

In the last 24 hours I've also managed to make it to Stitch 'n' Bitch in Woden (where there was discussion of a new home for the Northside meeting), promise Georgie that there's a new range of knitting bags due up in my Made It store on October 1st, cut out said bags, visit the vet with George and J (George the cat seems to have decided that having a pierced eyebrow is de rigour. I don't think he realised you're not supposed to piece it with another cat's teeth...), finally see the Miniature Magic painting exhibition at Yarralumla Gallery (which weren't miniature at all according to my definition but reignited by mad plan to hold a proper exhibition of 1/12th scale original artworks), buy some goodies for J's garden next door at the nursery, check out the new Sculpture Gallery at the National Gallery (plus have lunch with J & M in the members' lounge), have coffee with Barb at Exodus and then, err, stagger home and collapse.

And on top of that I'm excited to see that Remo is offering a Buy one get one free offer on its T shirts plus is launching a Design'O'matic "a place where our CustOMERS will be able to create, save, compile, manicure and earn royalties from the sale of their own deigns at REMO."

So I can cross Work out how much it would cost to bank a Cafepress cheque from the USA off my list of things to do and just wait for the local version. Excellent news!

On the other hand I'm grumpy to notice that the Italian Film Festival isn't offering Forever Vespa in Canberra and it's on the day before I arrive in Sydney. Rats!

Oh, yeah, speaking of rats, I have an invite to see Ratatouille as a guest at The ANU Film Group on October 21st. For free. Yay!


Taphophile said...

September and Christmas present wrapping? Organised but somehow wrong.:)

*BB* said...

I think Christmas has set a new record for its arrival time this year.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I was forced into seeing Ratatouille twice. The first time was at DD birthday party and I enjoyed it. The second time was because Transformers was too scary for the 8 year old. I kept thinking all the way through the second time "this kid is going to make me watch this movie over and over and over again."