Friday, September 14, 2007

Know someone with a magnetic personality?

Spell with Flickr has been doing the rounds of the blog world recently. As you might remember I love old letters so this is right up my alley.

This afternoon as I was cleaning out a drawer as part of Seven Things Spring I came across a packet of magnetic paper and since I was in a present making frame of mind I had an aha! moment.

I spelled out my friend's name on Spell with Flickr, changing the letters until I had a pleasing combination.

I then copied the code and pasted it into an empty blog post. Switched to preview mode and picked up the picture.

Opened word and pasted the picture onto a landscape format. Played with the size of each image until they were the same height as each other.

Chucked the magnetic paper into the printer and printed using best quality. Waited for it to dry, tried cutting the letters using a cutter but gave up and used scissors.

And that's it. I'm a genius, if I say so myself!

(Oh, and Princess B, if you're reading this you see noooothing....)


Anonymous said...

opps - princess B

Anonymous said...

oops! i meant!

pinar said...

reading the title.. I have started to read.. expecting a very philosophic post..It came out to be practicalbetter then philosophy.. who needs it when you have such nice magnets..
I was talking to a friend over g-talk.. he is a single man..
and he suddenly said.. what shall I everyday problem for him..
I said no more pasta.. for sure.. you ate pasta every day.. this week..
then I said.. cook some bulgur and he said.. do you know how much onion do we use for cooking bulghur for 1 person..
I said.. well you could cook one cup/one onion .. and freeze the rest for another day..
and then I remembered your wise cooking posts.. about freezing.. keeping.. storing..
and gave him your link.. as an example..
now.. he is cooking his bulghur.. and here I am reading you..
the first title that attracted me was the magnetic personality..
and here...we are..
I fly off down the archive.. dear.. you keep being as you are..