Sunday, September 09, 2007

How many is Seven?


* Sept 2007 US Vogue (subscription)
* Oct 2007 AU marie claire (subscription)
* 50 cm long plastic ruler
* 4 lots of fabric (courtesy of Taph)
* 3 pairs black socks

Total In this week: 10


* Folder of pre 2000 accounts - shredded
* Sept 2007 AU marie claire - donated to
* 27 balls of purple wool and cotton yarn - also donated to
* 31 books - sold (including 4 to
* 10 items of clothing I've not worn this winter - donated to The Smith Family
* 1 leopard print Supre envirobag - used to bundle up the donation to The Smith FamilyTotal Out this week: 71



Net items out so far during Seven Things Spring: 61This week's trick: I put a large box on the landing at the top of the stairs and stuck on a large 7 to remind myself each time I go past that I need to put stuff in it.

(*amazingly she still seems to be talking to me even with a total of 32 items inward on her list this week courtesy of me. At least with some clever math the 27 balls of wool could turn into 2 items, assuming she has potential projects in mind for them...)


seepi said...

Gosh you are going well.

I am struggling - hoarding is one of my habits.. But trying to get rid of stuff and realising how hard it is has really made me concentrate on buying less stuff. Which is good. It solves half the clutter problem. Just decades of backlog to deal with now..

So far in the box for this week is:
Small metal curry dish
four really bad books
three cloth nappies (to my sister)

And that makes seven. So at this rate the house will look good in about 100 years!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Hi Seepi

Well done - I hope the stuff in the box is no longer in the box and has moved on to new homes!

Taphophile said...

Damn right I'm doing clever maths, TSS. You've been outed on my blog for getting me liquored up and taking advantage of my low sugar level and yarn deprived state! ;P

Well done Seepi - rationalising stuff is harder than it looks.

jay said...

In: 1 book on Computer Networks
Out: wool and needles to eldest daughter (knit gene strikes!)
Shaken: fabric made into packs for show (but not till end of month).
The failures: electronic goods: 1 TV and 2 vcrs (working) and 2 old modems (v.dead).
But if shredding counts, 1 32litre bin's worth of papers is out the door.
I am so ashamed of my inability, but as pointed out, it makes you think!