Monday, September 10, 2007

Modern inspiration

One thing I love about working with modern miniatures is that inspiration is all around you.

While reading the August edition of Home Beautiful magazine which came free with entry to Sydney Design I came across this picture: Which got ripped out quick smart and turned into this:(The coffee table would have been silver but the shops aren't open so I can't go buy a can of silver spray paint to steal the lid from. So the lid from my spray adhesive will have to do...)

(Flooring: Black construction paper from the newsagents. Black leather sofa: Made by me years ago from balsa and leather scraps. Cushions: Sewn from scraps of fabric and upholstery samples. Poster: Cut from a magazine. Perspex and metal table and black leather and metal chairs: a vintage find from eBay. Aluminium bowls: Part of a set of mixing bowls by T.E. Brownawell. Potplant: Diane Cotterill. Red Jacobsen Egg Chair: Reac. White coffee table: Spray can lid. Magazines: Made by me. Flokati rug: Piece of teddy bear fur. Eames Walnut Stools: Herman Miller.)


gemma said...

You are brilliant with the miniatures. They look fab.

jennifer said...

No doubt about you. I agree with gemma. I often think that scenes from interiors mags would be a great source of ideas, but the difference is that you actually bring them to life! Good on you.

drey said...

this is fantastic! what luck to be able to create from aa store of miniatures!!!!!