Sunday, September 23, 2007

Seven Things Spring week 3: I made it (just)


* 2 pairs canvas sneakers (Kmart was having a sale: buy one pair get the second half price. So 2 pairs of sneakers were $15. I just wish they'd had more in my size...)
* 2 black and white serving bowls
* 5 pieces of vintage fabric, 1 white toothbrush, 1 book (and a bottle of Baileys which doesn't count!) from Taph
* Sept/ Oct NRMA member magazine Open Road
* Oct 2007 Madison (subscription)
* Black plastic storage basket
* Sun Herald Sunday Swing CD
* Dress (in fact, a dress so cool I had to buy one for a colleague in Sydney and post it to her)
* Short sleeved swing jacket (cause I was cold just wearing the dress!)
* October 2007 Elle Decor (subscription)
* Batiky short sleeved shirt (OK, I don't really need this but was imagining wearing it as I leaned on the railing of my ship watching everyone else head off to look at big lizards)
* 105 cm length of black and white spotty ribbon, frugalled on my behalf by Taph
* US voltage hair straightener
* 48 things from Friday

Total In this week: 69 (gulp!)


* 29 bits of memorabilia from my memory box: farewell cards from jobs left years ago, funny postcards that I can't remember why I kept, cartoons ripped out of magazines (you know the sort of thing!): recycled
* 1 Queen Mary 2 cruise T shirt: sold on eBay (I have another in white if anyone's interested?)
* 1 knitting bag, 5 recent magazines, 2 videos: gift to Taph
* Howard's Storage World catalogue: recycled
* 1 set fridge magnets: included as an early birthday present with a book I'd borrowed from Princess B's library and had to post back to her.
* 1 pair of shoes that were always just slightly too small, 9 videos that I've watched and probably won't want to see again, 4 pillow cases, 1 cap, 6 tops and 1 skirt, 1 necklace that I've never worn and the tupperware container I bought for my buttons (when my stash was so small it could actually fit in such a small space!): donated to The Smith Family* 12 misc travel and cruise brochures for trips taken or trips that by the time I start planning them I'll need more up-to-date information: recycled

Total Out this week: 76


Net items out so far during Seven Things Spring: 117


Taphophile said...

Oooh, well done. You know what's really scary? How close our numbers are this week. Well, that and how we are the receptacles of each other's clutter (and creativity - my maths, your actual talent).

Stressed studying sis :) said...

Hi sis,
I was wondering about the counting of things you gain and things you get rid of, what is it for? Whats the purpose - (I may have missed something earlier here) please enlighten me :-)

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Dear Stressed Studying Sis

After a month of telling you erxactly what I ate (June) I decided a month of telling you exactly what I bought and got rid of was only fair...

Seriously though - a number of us are doing a challenge called "Seven Things Spring". See here for the beginnings:

Swotting sis said...

Aaah ha! Clarified :) Thanks