Monday, June 04, 2007

Day Four - and what a score!

Woohoo! My care parcel from Pink Trees arrived, just in time to assuage the first twinges of frugalling withdrawal.

I knew it would be a doozy when she emailed me in April telling me she'd sent it surface mail as it was going to cost some ridiculous amount to post air. And it is.

I contemplated (for oh, 10 seconds) the concept of rationing it and taking one thing out of it each day but in the end it was bum up and in head first to check out the goodies...First out was a fine selection of black and white stationery items. A matching concertina file and in tray! Swoon. And look at that psychedelic notebook! Eek! And the pencil holder with enough pencils to last me for the rest of my (very long) life!! A wire basket (I love storage stuff about as much as I love stationery. ie: a lot), a memo cube and some vintage stick-on numbers.

Pretty impressive, huh?

That's not all! There was also:three knitting magazines I snaffled from her back in Marchtwo sweater wheels (copyright date, 1969). An intriguing concept which I'm dying to play with almost as much as I'm perplexed as to how she could bear to give them away...More crafty goodness in the form of a range of wooden pegs which I shall tuck away until inspiration hits,and a huge array of vintage buttons still on their cards, long zips which I want to try making bags out of, iron-on Velcro and a vintage bag of large black pom poms... a pack of black and white playing cards. I'm itching to cut them up but will (probably) keep them intact.

And after I finished photographing everything and loaded my pictures I realised I'd missed out taking pictures of the funky retro black and white thermometer and miniature kettle she'd also included. Oops!

Thanks, PT, once again you've overwhelmed me with just perfect wonderfulness!


shanna said...

i'm glad you liked everything! honestly, i forgot what was all in there! i thought that if you didn't want to play cards you could use them for ATC's or some crafty project. those knitting wheels are WAY beyond my knitting capabilities! i have a sweater vest from last christmas that it still waiting to be finished!

shanna said...

oh! i meant to tell you it was hard parting with that thermometer! did you see it came from an Indian casino or something like that? i almost kept it because of my Indian heritage but gladly passed it on to you! aww! ain't that special?

Taphophile said...

What a fab parcel! I was only reading about sweater wheels yesterday - I'd never met the concept before. Freaky.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I'll try and remember to bring them along to the Knit in Public Day - wherever that may be :-)

Anonymous said...

Those craft pegs are clothes pins for hanging laundry : )