Saturday, April 28, 2007

New & good (incorporating Second Hand Saturday)

Here's a round up of new and good that I've discovered (or created) recently:

* Darrell Lea's Peanut Brittle bars (covered in dark chocolate and sooooo good!)
* Stone's alcoholic Ginger Beer (not covered in dark chocolate but also sooooo good!)

* National Gallery of Australia's make your own postcard pad (just draw or stick a photo on the front and you're ready to go)

* Threadbanger's Thread Heads programmes
* The May black and white swap I set up this morning on Swap-Bot (come join in the fun!)

* And, finally, this week's frugalled goodies:
  • Three metres of fabric: $8.00
  • Vintage suitcase, in excellent nick (with original cruiseline stickers on the sides!): $5.00
  • Vintage scales: $4.00
  • Vintage white plastic storage box thingy: $3.00
  • Cream cabled hand-knit scarf: $2.00 (I was surprised to see the pattern for it when I was looking through Taph's copy of this pattern book. How weird is that?!)

Total spent: $22.00

(Listening to: Blue States, Nothing changes under the sun)


Olivia said...

Ooh I was looking for a postcard kit like that. Will have to check it out.

Frank said...

Stone's Green Ginger Wine -- mmmm.
Especially if you have a sore throat in which case you make up a 50/50 drink of Stones Green Ginger Wine and a reasonable whisky (I use brandy).
Rips your throat out - but does it ever taste good - and you forget all about the sore throat.