Sunday, July 13, 2008

On my desk

Well, worktable to be more precise. Clockwise from bottom right:

* The To Do list (very important thing to have. Extra points for managing to mark something off it!)
* Draft flier for my CMAG floortalks: to be proof read. Plus flier and pamphlet for the current exhibition to compare it with. I really want to spend some time today working on the essay I need to provide for my pamphlet in readiness for the Senior Curator's visit tomorrow. We'll see...
* Old paintbrush for dusting out this week's dolls' house.

* Catalogue printout for this week's dolls' house for reference.
* This week's dolls' house. Empty and ready for a clean.
* Half finished bags that should be at the markets and might possibly be by the end of the day if things go according to plan.

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