Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Frugalling Fairy has fun (or: Questions in Queanbeyan)

Today was one of those weird and perplexing days that regular op shoppers have occasionally (I assume it's not just me that this happens to?)

Tania, Helen and I decided a full-on frugalling foray was long overdue and so headed out to Queanbeyan. I've not made it out there
since April so was looking forward to seeing what was new and having a good fossick.

First stop was Vinnies. I picked up three cones of green overlocker thread for $1 each and some cool red white and black sailing themed fabric ($3 for 2.5 metres). So far, so good. I'm happy. The day has started well.

Next we headed up the road to The Bargain Hunter where I should have started getting a little suspicious that The Frugalling Fairy was up to something. I got two pairs of cream and black knitting needles for the collection
kinetic sculpture for $1 each. Not anything unusual there (apart from the fact I'm still buying them when I really don't need them.)

A copy of
Overboard: The stories cruise lines don't want told for $3. It's a bit weird finding that on the shelf.

an Ian McCulloch CD single I've been just a little obsessed about since I got a copy of it in a Swap-Bot swap a couple of years ago (I promise you I only looked it up on You Tube and noticed the dolls' house connection in the last couple of months!). This single was released in 1992. Sixteen years ago. And there it was, sitting patiently in The Bargain Hunter for me to arrive and claim it. So I'm starting to feel the inkling of suspicion that this is going to be a very good day indeed.

Across the road, round the corner and into (big) Salvos. I think the whole shop (if not town) heard my scream of delight as I spotted Richard Scarry's
What Do People Do All Day? sitting on the shelf: right next to a copy of The Funniest Picture Book Ever (which I don't believe I've read yet and plan to take to bed tonight, forgoing Prince Caspian at ANU Film Group). I should have suspected Salvos Queabeyan was Richard Scarry Central after I bought a Richard Scarry Busytown doona cover there some months ago. For far too much money. This time though, both books came to a total of $4 so they were snapped up quick smart. Along with a few other kids books.

I'd originally planned to give this to Little E for Christmas. But now I'm not sure I can let it leave the house. Sure, I have my original childhood (unexpurgated) copy tucked safely away. But it would be nice to have a spare, wouldn't it? And Little E can always read it when he's visiting...

From Queanbeyan we headed back across the border to Phillip,
Addicted to Fabric, lunch at Chocolate Olive (where I finally meet Button Beauty, well named as I admired the button necklace she was wearing) then Salvos and Vinnies - where the magic had well and truly worn off. I bought nothing (although tempted by 6 videos of H.R. Pufnstuf)


Eilleen said...

Salvos Qbn is great isn't?!

I'm also glad you've met J from BB! She is very cool. Now we only have 1 degree of separation (on 2 counts) between us. hehe - Canberra's a bit like that, huh.

Pear tree cottage! said...

Working in a slavo's and reading about "finds" is a great way to start my weekend......may you have many hours of happy hunting in the land of op-shops.

It has been fun reading your blog here tonight and I look forward to many more return visits.

best wishes Lee-ann

JustJess said...

Great to finally meet you as well! Yes, the fairy was there with you. I'm loving the sound of the Richard Scarry doona cover too!

Heidi said...

I am a Richard Scarry lover! I have my copy of "What Do People Do All Day" from my childhood, too, but it's in pretty sad shape. I've been collecting Richard Scarry stuff and hope to maybe decorate a kid's room in it someday. I love lowly worm!