Wednesday, July 09, 2008

An exciting invitation, a dolls' house sighting and the (frustrating) hunt for small bits of plastic

'Tis only just after 7am and I have news for the day already!

1. My
Spoonflower invite came through while I was fast asleep. Weehee! Damned shame I'm so flat out I don't have time to go play this week. Hopefully next week things will quieten down and I can do some creating.

2. I've spotted
the Caroline's Home house I need to finish my collection on eBay. The poor seller gave me a postage quote which I declared was far too low so he's off to talk to Royal Mail and send me a much higher (but more realistic) one. Unless I've scared him off and he's running for the hills screaming as I type...

3. I pulled the next Lundby house off the shelf to start dusting and sorting it out so I can pack it for the exhibition. Decided to see what it would look like with the extra extension level I have. But do you think I can find the extension feet (brown plastic bits, about 23 cm long which sit between the levels so the edges don't get damaged)? Not on your nelly! I know I put them somewhere special. But I suspect that place has changed several times with a couple of cleanouts and room rearrangements over the past year or so. Do I have time to rifle through every box and cupboard right now? Nup.

4. And that's because I agreed to get to work early today to buy supplies for a function we're having tonight. So not only am I starting work at sparrow's fart, I won't be leaving work until around 7pm. Then I have a dinner engagement so when I get home tonight I'll be feeding the cat, filling the hottie and stumbling into bed.

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