Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Krakatoa Cake

Not that it's officially called that but after deciding to try Consumption Rebellion's 5 minute chocolate cake recipe and opening the microwave door to this scene:there was no other name that fitted quite as well.

And, hey, it continues my habit
of naming chocolate cake disasters after natural seismic phenomenon.

(It still tasted fine, btw)


JustJess said...

That's hilarious - sorry! Must do this recipe with Master 6 - he loves a good volcano!

Eilleen said...

oh man, that is so funny! Sorry. I should have said that I used my large mug... and Jess can tell you that my large mug is a LARGE mug.

Beth Bynnag said...

Nice work, SS! LOL!

Cola Cerbz said...

Lol!!! Niiiice