Sunday, July 20, 2008

On my desk

* Two eBay Lundby orders paid for overnight which I need to pack and post today (or maybe tomorrow...)
* One Lundby special order which I need to invoice.
* One piece of fabric which a friend asked me to hem so she can use it as a shawl. Plus two stripy tops I think she might like and a wooden hanger I want to use to make a pantihose holder for her.
* Special order Groovy Green Bag which I vow will be finished by the end of the day (assuming no disasters)
* Frames I bought this week for cards from this exhibition I saw in New Zealand back in March and this one I saw in Melbourne in May. Putting the two together shouldn't take much time or effort.
* Business accounts. Which will take substantially more time and effort. I tell myself the quicker I get them finished the sooner I can get my tax return in and see if I have a refund this year.
* Vintage Lundby Stockholm house waiting to be sorted for tomorrow's Parade of Houses post.

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