Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday, and life returns to something approaching normality around here... (another random post in bullet points)

* I think I've kicked this lurg. Almost. Fingers crossed that one more day will have me leaping round like a well thing.

* My
Swap-bot July black and white swap closes soon. Tomorrow, I think (my time converter brain is still on the blink). There's still time to go sign up and join in the fun.

* Mucho excitement around here with the news that
Tivo is launching in Australia on July 17th. I've wanted one for years (especially after having the opportunity to play with Nancy's when I was in The States a couple of years ago). But $699? I think I'll wait awhile...

* Oh, yeah. I won the Caroline's Home house on eBay last night. That brings the house tally to fourteen. Now I'm in that state of "will they get back to me, will they pack it properly, will it actually arrive?" Yep, that's the part of the eBay experience I prefer to forget.

* If you're a bit desperate to own a Kaleidoscope house, there are a couple up on eBay at the moment.
This one is MIP, with furniture, will ship worldwide and has a starting bid of US $999.00. Or, if you're lucky enough to live in the USA, this one (also with furniture but with a couple of faults) is currently sitting on US $255.00.

* Tonight's plans involve some wristwarmer knitting for a birthday 3 weeks past, sewing of a special order groovy green bag (also very overdue) and the start of the big scary pile of TSS accounts I need to sort out before I can submit my tax return.

* And since there have been a few too many photoless posts here recently, here's a photo of our stall at The Old Bus Depot Markets on Sunday:more photos from Happy Spider can be found
here and Olivia, here.

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Chocolate Cobwebs said...

What a great blog! I love the look of the market stall - very colourful and interesting. If I was passing, I'd definitely stop and browse!

I have a question: I'm visiting Canberra next month and would love to spend a day or so doing some heavy duty op shopping. Are you able to recommend some? I have no real idea what's there, but plan on doing a Google search with the hope that most show up. But I don't want to miss anything!

Any ideas/recommendations/advice would be appreciated!

Thanks :)