Monday, July 07, 2008

Flat batteries

My batteries have died. So have my camera's.

The latter is pretty easy to fix. The former not so.

Saturday I had the opportunity to do some overtime and help out a friend. By the time I got home I was stuffed and so plans to go see 2 Days in Paris went out the window.

Sunday, plans to do anything went out the window as I slept late, woke up and decided going back to sleep was a very fine idea indeed. Repeat for the rest of the day and suddenly I have a missing weekend, a mountain of washing and a rather grotty house.

And no impetus to do anything about it. Especially as today was grey and wet and cold and not conductive to doing, well, anything. Which is one of the reasons this week's dolls' house post has been put off til tomorrow.

I know I should be all cheery and chirpy. Afterall, I did get a visit from Taph on Saturday afternoon. A visit and a gift from Janet on Sunday evening. And a package from New Zealand this morning which contained (amongst other things) Snow Toffee Pops (Not happy that those packets are getting smaller every year!) and the latest Moby CD.

Miss Daisy spent today at Braddon Smash Repairs and is a new woman car. Tonight I plan to finally bake Comfy & Cosy's creamy lemon slice before the lemons rot completely in the fruit bowl (and to make up for the fact I didn't make it to dinner at J&M's last night with her Mum and Dad and her Mum's lemon slice)

I might even do some dishes. Or I might retire early to my nicely turned, freshly made bed and hope my batteries have recharged by morning...


m1k1 said...

I wonder if Jejune's Solio comes with a people adaptor as well?
Sending recupervibes your way.

Cosy said...

I hope you like the slice recipe. Hope I didn't talk it up too much!!

Cola Cerbz said...

I know :( its depressing how things are getting smaller. One customer said "Don't worry, one biscuit will cost $20 in a few years..." *sighs*

Anonymous said...

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