Thursday, July 10, 2008

Frugalled by a friend, plasitc as yet unfound, feeling feverish and foiled plans

This little lot landed on my desk yesterday:frugalled by a friend on my behalf at the markets on Sunday while I was tucked up in bed sound asleep!

And, weirdly, I actually have three canisters from this set (Flour, Tea and Rice) which I picked up at Camberwell markets in Melbourne for $5 the lot. These ones are in much better nick, even without having had a wash.

They all bring back childhood memories of how the labels on our kitchen canisters seldom matched their contents (Dad: "Where's the milo?" Us:"In the tea container. I think...") Maybe I should consider a similar approach: "Now where is that very important bit of plastic? Oh, that's right, in the Flour canister..."

Yes, The Room of Shame has yet to cough up my missing dolls' house bits. I may have resort to creating replacements out of wood after trying the "stand at the door and glare menacingly" approach...

And I have another cold. Yay to working in air conditioned offices with a "share and share alike" approach. Not. There'll be no sewing for me this evening as I head to bed very very early.

Finally, I heard today that the opening of my exhibition has to be moved to October 11th, one week later that originally planned. Damn and blast. Hope The Parental Units can move their tickets...

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m1k1 said...

New date noted. Hope your parents plans can accommodate this. I was thinking when I saw CsGotS's post about the photographic festival that it would be good to have time to do both yours and that. Now I'll have to really plan my schedule a bit more than is customary for me. That won't do me any harm at all. Any news on the Caroline front?