Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The monthly round up: June/ July


In June fifteen junk books made it out of the my bookcase, were read, and are now waiting for a trip to the second hand bookshop/ Lifeline drop box. That's an average of one every two days (which meant utter candyfloss for the brain overload), and a lot of extra space made. V v happy!

July's reading theme is journeys so I plan to make my way through some of the backlog of travel and travel-related books I have.


I saw one movie this month at ANU Film Group:
Romulus my Father. I didn't make it to see The Other Boleyn Girl (as I ended moving my ticket for Mathinna to the same night) or The Home Song Stories (as no one else in the group wanted to stay on to see it and I didn't have my car with me.) My cost per view at ANU Film Group is down to $5.00 (not counting the guests I've taken on my card) and we're only halfway through the year. Excellent!

In July I plan to see
2 Days in Paris, Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and Hey Hey it's Esther Blueburger.


I attended two Canberra Theatre subscriptions in June. There's nothing in July, alas, but I do plan to go see Quantum Leap's
My Brother my Sister at the end of the month and also visit National Archives to see their exhibition Strike a Pose with Lee Lin Chin ("a vibrant photographic exhibition showcasing the Australian fashion scene of the 1960s and 1970s celebrities, trends and influences. Co-curatored by Lee Lin Chin, SBS World News Presenter and host of Fashionista, the exhibition explores the key defining influences that shaped our Australian style and the colourful events that are fixtures on the fashion follower's social calendar. Posed fashion shoots are juxtaposed with images of exuberant street culture." No link on the NAA site that I can see. Which is rather weird)

Other stuff:

* July means another of my quarterly black and white swaps over at Swap-Bot... Come over and join the fun!

* We're having another stall at Old Bus Depot Market for Fibre Day on Sunday July 13th. Sp the next two weeks will be a frenzy of bag making.
* Four more dolls houses will be cleaned, fixed, photographed, packed and highlighted on my Parade of Houses posts on Mondays. And I really really should get cracking on finding a printer for the cards, bookmarks and notebooks I want to produce to sell as part of the exhibition. If you have a tame, local, good value printer I'd love to hear from you...
* And I promise to get my daisy hoodie sewn up now I can buy a zip for it!

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ninaribena said...

Re: 'Strike a pose' link, or lack there-of... I thought that was wierd too! Keen to check it out too.