Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I love a good mystery...

Today's $5 op shop spend netted me the following:Knitting in Vogue (worked out at $1.50 as there was no price on it and I got one of those "Oh... $5 the lot?" replies when I asked how much it was. Love those replies!). Three pairs of torties, two single torties and a set of size 11 pink dpns, still in original wrapping* (50 cents the lot.) And a copy of Chicks with Sticks ($3).

So what's the mystery?

Is it why on earth I'm buying a knitting pattern book when the daisy hoodie is still sitting unsewn up? (Errr..... no. But that's a very good question!)

Is it the fact that I got 8 torties for 50 cents from Salvos when Vinnies charges $5 a pair? (No, but Vinnies pricing is a mystery sometimes)

The mystery was inside the final purchase:

Was the book bought in Auckland? If so was it the "Stock clearance $7.00 (1 @$3.00)" from Whitcoulls on Queen Street purchased at 2:16pm on May 22nd this year? Or the "Ast hot fiction $5.99" from The Warehouse just around the corner almost 24 hours before? Or are these receipts just randomly in the book? Who put the receipts in there? Do they only shop between 2pm and 3pm or was this a random coincidence? Were they just visiting Auckland or do they live there? Does the fact they also bought "Anchor Lite Blue" and "Colgate Tpaste" at the same time give us any clues? Did they buy the toothpaste to feel better for getting "Smarties Milk C"? And how did the book make its way to Salvos Belconnen just over two months later? I suspect we'll never know (unless, by some amazing coincidence, the ex owner reads my blog...)

In other related op shop news which I've been meaning to share for a while:

Salvos Belconnen looks to have finished sorting itself out after its expansion and reshuffle.

Vinnies Belconnen has a good supply of cotton and cotton/acrylic 8 ply yarn for anyone wanting to get a head start on Christmas washcloths. Prices between 50 cents and $1 a ball.

And Ys Buys in Belconnen has everything (except books for some reason) half price for the foreseeable future.

(*Before I redonate does anyone want these?)


Janet McKinney said...

Whitcoulls - I haven't thought about that treasure trove for books for - ohhh it's 14 years since I left NZ.

JustJess said...

Chicks with Sticks sounds like a good Mars Bar for the brain! May I borrow when you are done with it please?! Great scores at the oppy. I must admit I am yet to explore north-side oppies!!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Jess: sure. Although perhaps I should lend it to you first as my backlog of books means it'll be approximately 2 years until I get to this one... :-)