Friday, July 11, 2008

'Snot fair!

13 hours "sleep" (and I use that term most loosely) and the first thought I had when I woke up this morning was "Someone shoot me, please..."

I'm as sick as a dead dog.

I've just given the girls a heads up that I probably won't be at the markets on Sunday. They, bless their hearts, have told me I have to stay home if I'm not feeling 100% but that my bags and cupcakes are most welcome to come along and hang round the stall to keep their stuff company.

We'll see if a miraculous recovery takes place in the next 48 hours. Good thing I have a few more lemons left to make hot lemon honey and ginger drinks with. And a lovely bed which is calling me back as I type. I don't even fancy propping up and watching Flight of the Conchords on my laptop, I'm that flattened :-(


Janet McKinney said...

Ohhh I am so sorry you caught this horrible flu/cold going around. Yes - back to bed, lots of lemon and honey etc, and sleep as much as you need to. I am finally feeling a little better so you will get through it.

Big hugs - germ free ones


Elizabeth said...

Bummer! Hope you feel much better soon.

Beth Bynnag said...

You must be very poorly if you don't want to watch Brett and G/J?ermaine. They are totally hilarious. In our house we've taken to putting on NZ accents in reverence! Get well soon.