Thursday, October 16, 2008

The kindness of strangers

After today's floor talk a lovely lady called Jean came up to speak to me.

Jean told me of her sister's childhood dolls house Dol -Toi furniture. And then reached into her handbag and pulled out a small plastic bag.

"These are some pieces I'm not keeping. I'm afraid they're not very exciting..." she said but was drowned out by my yelp of excitement when I pulled out these from under the (granted) not very exciting wooden table and chairs:A Triang Spot-On lawnmower and garden roller! Which I don't have and are a perfect match for the Triang V Bungalow I'm working on at the moment. Actually, they'd be perfect for the Triang house in the exhibition but I doubt Dale and Rowan would be too happy with me asking them to add them...


m1k1 said...

yay for you.
that would be paybacks for donating your time and energies to edukatin the public

Helen said...

Congratulations! Big things come in small packages to people with big hearts.

Janet McKinney said...

Hey - I agree with m1k1 - what goes around comes around, and this is your time to receive something off the magic roundabout.

I have a little someting for you too from the Salvos in maryborough Queensland!!