Monday, October 06, 2008

Parental Visit Day Two: Doing our bit to support the local economy...

A morning at The Mall included:

* Indulgences at
Koko Black(which soon disappeared...)* The Parental purchase of an identical handbag to mine.(I think I'm flattered. But I'm too busy being relieved that we live in different countries so won't be seen together with them for more than the next few days!)

* An introduction to the concept of
Aldi and bottles of wine which are cheaper than cups of coffee.

* And a lot of retail therapy.

I kidnapped them from the
Australian Choice souvenir shop where they were looking at a gift for the neighbour who drove them to the airport and took them out to Bison instead...Since we were sort of half way there anyway, the next stop was Bungendore where I almost bought this intriguing "architect's model":and had The Parentals rave about the work at Bungendore Wood Works Gallery and wonder how they could buy the house next to The Carrington and move in permanently, filling their house with furniture from across the road....We also discovered a fabulous vintage/ retro shop Me and You 2, filled with beautiful retro furnitureand accessoriesand a massive selection of vintage clothingall at very reasonable prices.

Back in town after a detour to view
The Lake With No Water, the evening was spent at ANU Film Group watching Hitchcock's Spellbound (now more of a comedy than a thriller) after dinner at The Asian Cafe.And everyone's happy (if a little tired)

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createacraft said...

isn't this a happy mannequin..
I love the porcelains and ceramics and all..=)