Thursday, October 30, 2008

The not $120 socks

I finished the lounge socks and I learnt some stuff:

1. Photographing black angora socks is bloody near impossible. I suspect even Jane Brocket would have trouble (although I guess she might artfully pose them in a bed of black pansies or something). Instead here they are posed on my bed:
2. Knitting with the good stuff spoils you for life. I'm knitting another pair of lounge socks out of Caressa. It's awful.

3. Angora goes a very long way. When I first weighed the wool (with bands still attached) it came out at 190g. "Enough for one perfect pair of lounge socks" I thought. As I started knitting I mentally composed my blog post. "The $120 socks."

I knitted.

And knitted.

And knitted. Still on the one pat of yarn. I knew Happy Spider said she'd combined two balls into one pat but this was getting a bit ridiculous.

I finished the first sock still within the first pat of angora. And felt rather confused but also guardedly hopeful: maybe, just maybe, there'd be enough left for a second pair of lounge socks for me...

I finished the second sock. There still seemed to be a inordinate amount of angora still in the bag.

I weighed the socks: 60g on the nose.

I weighed the rest of the angora: 115g. I'm thinking if I make then slightly shorter in the leg and leave off the extra 1.5 cm of length I added to the foot I might be able to squeeze 2 more pairs out.

Damn! "The $40 socks" really doesn't have the same ring to it, does it??

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Taph said...

They are still precious. :)