Thursday, October 23, 2008

Spots and socks

On my desk today, and instilling feelings of love and happiness:The recent shopping frenzy continues with the acquisition of these fabulous black and white spotty Manila folders, new in at Officeworks. I'm so happy as I've been looking for interesting black and white folders for work for months.

There were two false alarms along the way: once at Dymocks Melbourne where I decided their set was cute but not cute enough to be worth what they were charging for it (I even revisited them 4 months after my first visit just to be sure) and the other at Target, who had a new range of what looked like black and white stationery but which, on closer inspection (twice, at two different stores in case it was just the lights - I was pretty desperate for it to be black and white), turned out to be black and a very light blue.

Also on my desk is a half knitted lounge sock using that glorious Anny Blatt angora. Knitting this is like heaven and everyone at (other) work who saw it yesterday had to stop and snuggle with it.Maybe I do now understand why people are prepared to spend silly amounts on yarn (but I'm very happy these socks are costing me $10, not the $120 cost to the original buyer!)


m1k1 said...

tres envious, on both counts.

Leah said...

Ooh, I do love some nice stationery. On another note, I visited your exhibition yesterday, and had a wonderful time seeing the dollhouses. Just lovely.