Saturday, October 04, 2008

Parental Visit Day One: gallahs and Greg Johnson

Happy Mother with her very own gallah (with tweeting mechanism*):Let me explain. Before their last visit, Mum asked me if there were lots of native birds to admire.

"Oh, heaps!" I replied. "In fact I can see about thirty gallahs perched on the phone wires outside my back door right now"

Unfortunately by the time The Parentals arrived in Canberra the only birds to be seen were magpies. And sparrows. Both of which are readily available in New Zealand. In the end we gave up and took her to the local zoo to meet some wildlife.

And, of course, the day after they went home I was walking to work and found fifty gallahs spread out across the park having a good old laugh at us.

So this time we took no chances. I was going to knit her one or two to place outside their hotel window but ran out of time. Instead I took them to the National Museum where Mum purchased her very own gallah.

Which will also guarantee a plentiful supply of real ones over the next few days...

Me taking a photo of Dad taking a photo:And, so far, everyone's happy.Especially me as they arrived bearing presents. Including
Greg Johnson. No not in person (alas) but the next best thing: his just-released-in-NZ-last-month latest CD:

(*gallah, not Ma!)


Cola Cerbz said...

Ahaha gotta love parents. Funny about the gallahs, typical isn't it?

I like your parents, every time i see them they're lovely :)

createacraft said...

goood morning from istanbul..
sitting in the garden..
reading you..
I loved your anectode..
isn't it always the same old story about life..=)
murphy's law..
=) disappear when needed.. get on the way when not noticed.. =)

I laughed a lot.. reading you..
nice little gallah..
your parent's are lovely..
and the starred notice at the bottom.. lol..

wish you have wonderful weekend..
I will google about gallahs now..

frogmini said...

Congratulations Anna-Maria, it all looks good! Liked the parental photos, please give them my regards.
my email address is:

I'd love to hear from you when you get a spare moment.
Annie Warrener