Sunday, October 19, 2008

Seven Things Spring/ Summer 2008 Week 7: Stuff and nonsense

I'm actually quite surprised I managed as well as I did with the Seven Things Challenge after the mad crazy week I've had. Obviously I've hit my stride and am keeping my fingers crossed that it'll continue through the next few months...


* 1 US Elle magazine, 1 Madison magazine (subscription)
* 1 Sydney Morning Herald First Australians DVD
* 1 miniature dining table and 4 chairs (eBay)
* 2 pairs black trousers, 2 black and white stripy long sleeve Ts (there's the spring uniform sorted!)
* 3 items dolls house furniture (eBay)
* 2 black and white envirobags, 1 packet black and white napkins and 1 pen: gift from a friend
2 books from Booklore (which sucked me in on my way past to have lunch at Tilleys)
* 7 items dolls house furniture (gift from one of the people at my floortalk)
* 1 Urbis magazine (newsagents)
* 1 jigsaw puzzle which was supposedly in transit through my house between one friend and another friend, who was taking them to the rest home her mother is in. This jigsaw had a picture of the
Canberra docked in Sydney harbour. It had to stay !
* 1
Portishead CD which I finally bought retail after months of trying to find it cheap.

Total In this week: 31


* 1 very tatty business card holder: bin
* Wardrobe cleanout caused by above purchases: 1 skirt, 2 suit jackets, 1 grey cardigan, 1 rain jacket, 1 appliqued evening bag: op shop
* 1 black and white fabric belt, beyond redemption: bin
* I cleaned up my
memento board. 3 flags from three years' worth of Eurovision parties in Melbourne (since I can't remember which year is which, why am I keeping them?) 1 dead glow necklace from what I assume must have been a good night out (don't know since I have no memory of why I kept it!), 1 large feather which ditto must have meant something at some stage, 2 postcards and 1 Christmas card which have also lost their meaning and 1 cruise card for a cruise I didn't even enjoy: bin and recycling.
* From the bathroom "travel stuff" drawer: 1 horrible comb a friend gave me on a trip once when I forgot mine, 1 hotel shower cap and 1 vial of "Moisture Mist": bin, op shop, op shop
* 1
Gotland dolls' house and 4 boxes of furniture for it. Sad but true. I gave away a free Lundby dollshouse. Sorry, I tried very hard but for some reason my heart never sang when I looked at it. My heart gave more of a muffled sigh of resignation with a twang of disappointment: Offered back to my distributor who asked me to drop it off at Thumbelina to use as their display house.
* 2 black coathangers (flimsy and ugly): op shop
* 1 garden shed which came with
my Triang V bunglaow which I'm pretty sure isn't Triang: gift to a mini friend.
* 1 Chicks with Sticks: It's a Purl Thing book: lent to a friend who will give it back to me to pass on to the local high school knitting group when she's finished with it.
* 1 dead sock: bin
* 1 National Archives envirobag: given to someone I had drinks with to save his BookLore purchase from getting greasy fingermarks at drinks
* 1 miniature display thingy,
12 balls Sean Sheep Hokitika yarn: given to a mini friend who mentioned she loved crocheting hats with novelty yarn
* 12 back issues of Real Simple magazine: Lifeline

Total Out this week: 56


* 2 rows of Time Thief Watch Cap when I bumped into Taph at a seminar
* 1 Powder Puff Flokati rug for a mini friend who wanted one
* A little helping out with a brand new knitter's work.

All rather underwhelming, really...

Net items out so far during Seven Things Spring/ Summer 2008: 87

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