Monday, October 20, 2008

Unexpected pleasures

I'm feeling so very lucky at the moment.

Yesterday afternoon as Tania and I pulled into my drive we both said "Oh! Look! There's something on the doorstep!"

I generally like somethings on the doorstep (
there are exceptions) and this time was no different: A little souvenir from Janet's trip to Queensland. Fifty cents for the lot, she tells me.

The indentations on the top had me (and Janet, when I talked to her) intrigued. I reckon they're egg holders, with space round the edge for salt and pepper. The discovery of a white power inside one of the containers made me think it might solve the riddle but it turned out to be baking soda (Janet was quite shocked that I happily wet a finger, dipped it in and had a taste)

I'd love to hear if you have any further leads on these little containers!

Then, in this morning's mail, there was an intriguing packet from my Grandmother in New Zealand. Which, when opened, revealed this: Awww shucks....


createacraft said...

oooh beautiful.. your grandmother's notice and the small cross stich is it ??..
your cups are very beautiful...too..
egg cups sounds logical to mee..

shanna said...

i've never seen anything like those containers before! i'd be interested to know what you find out...i might have to do some research on my own! is there any maker mark? how big are they?

i'm a bit shocked you tasetd the powder myself! it could've been crack or something!!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

It's a small cross stitch picture I made (and framed) many years ago.

And don't panic, I sniffed the powder (as in "what does this smell like?" not "let's inhale it and see if there's any effect!") and poked it with my finger before tasting it. Was pretty sure it was baking soda and logically had decided the chances of finding drugs in a daisy container in an op shop were fairly remote...

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Sorry, forgot to answer your other question Shanna:

They're marked SHANNON DESIGNS AUSTRALIA and measure 6.7 cm across and 5cm high (with the lid on)

The same company made the last lot of black and white cannisters I was given:

Helen said...

They look like egg coddlers. The little tray to the side - could it hold the spoon or toast.

sula said...

I believe they're egg containers as well, and the tray on the side looks like it's for the pieces of broken egg shell so you don't mess up the table?