Sunday, October 19, 2008

My mad weekend (or why it's been a bit quiet round here recently)

How did it get to be Sunday afternoon already?!

Oh, hang on, it's coming back to me now...

Friday night: Drinks at Tilley's to mark J's beginning of long service leave followed by a last minute decision that we all wanted to go see
The Counterfeiters at ANU Film Group after all and a speedy relocation a few suburbs further toward the lake.

A broken night's sleep as someone over the back was having a party. Now, I'm usually very happy to hear people singing. But by 1:30am I was getting just a tad grumpy

Saturday morning: saw the delivery of 5 cartons of Lundby stock for
my eBay store which caused much sorting and loading. Plus there was some washing (particularly of the trousers I wanted to wear to my floortalk in the afternoon) and a phone catch up with Sis.

Into town at noon to pick up a copy of
Portishead's Third from Landspeed Records (I've been looking for a second hand copy for a while and finally gave up) then on to lunch and gelato with J, M and S followed by my second CMAG floortalk.

Home for an hour to sort out emails then it was off to a games night at
Happy Spider's place with good food, good wine and good company. Unfortunately I kept getting distracted by the knitting to my left (the owner of which had expressed a vague interest in learning to knit and before anyone knew what had happened there magically appeared in her hands a set of needles and some very nice wool. She achieved impressive work for a beginner, especially as she had to keep putting her knitting down to play her turn.) If that wasn't distracting enough there was the spinning happening directly behind me... And my newly washed by Happy Spider (six times!) so no longer losing colour Anny Blatt black angora was calling me plaintively from the other room where I'd sent it to play with Happy Spider's stash while I was busy.

Wine, wabbits and wool. What more could you want for a perfect Saturday night?

(Maybe some sleep? Another party, a little further away but with a steady doof doof doof bass which was still going when I woke up at 5:40am this morning...)

Sunday morning: I finally made it back to the Jamison Trash and Treasure for
the first time in far far too long (thanks to the lovely Tania who announced she'd pick me up at 7am)I think I was quite restrained. 2 books (Dressed to kill: 100 years of Fashion and Knitting by Anne Bartlett) at $5 each, 1 DVD at $6 (to replace my video copy) 1 black and white stripy hat boxette ($1) and a Ford Pills container full of vintage needles ($2). So $19 in total.

We retired to
Black Pepper Cafe just after 8am for breakfast and free coffees courtesy of my coffee card.

Later in the morning I dragged myself kicking and screaming into the 21st Century by buying myself an MP3 player for Christmas*. Kicking up my heels up with joy and screaming with laughter, actually as I bought an
MPlayer after first seeing one a few months ago in a catalogue and deciding it would be the perfect antidote to the ubiquitous iPod:While I was in the Christmas spirit (and had the ability to wangle a 25% discount out of Borders - who, by the way, swore black and blue that not only did they not have this book, they'd never had it and were unable to order it in as none of their distributors had it either: kind of odd as I found not one but two copies on the shelf...) I bought a book I've also been lusting after some time.

I think the two go quite well together, don't you?

( * I always ensure I buy myself fabulous Christmas and Birthday presents: it makes sure I'm guaranteed to get at least one thing I really want!)

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