Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Parental Visit Day Five: The final day, with fake openings, flowers and feathers

Fake Opening

(Because the Parentals won't be here for the real one on Saturday...)Flowers

Because a Canberra-based blog isn't a Canberra-based blog without Floriade photos (even if it takes three years to get them)...Feathers

Because it was pretty exciting to see cygnets for the first time:And then we visited the Walk In Aviary because The Female Parental Unit likes birds so much (there were no Gallahs though...) Fake smiles all round(Everyone's happy, although The Male Parental Unit's not sure about all this nature-stuff...)

1 comment :

createacraft said...

ohhhh give the female parental unit a big hug for me....
she has such a nice smile..
male parental or not units.. never are totally sure about any program that makes the females totally happy..
so.. no need to be sorry for him =D..

love and hugs.. from istanbul..