Monday, October 20, 2008

Traps for the unwary

So last night I charged up my new Mplayer and, to test it out, dumped the contents of my (rather sparse) music folder onto it and retired to bed to read.

Life was peachy. Somehow I'd managed to drag down the
Yarnstorm BBC "pinny porn" podcast. "This is good" I thought as I settled further into the pillows. "Testing out the podcast capability. Besides, I haven't heard this for a while". I turned a page in my book.

Then there started a track that sounded like a cat being strangled. And I realised I'd got something my father emailed me ages ago which I forgot I still had: Wing singing Dancing Queen...

I may never recover.


createacraft said...

it is seven fifteen in istanbul.. am..
I listened a sample from the site.. I may never recover again too

Frank said...

Nono- I thought what I sent you was bad but this was worse. I sent you Wind executing (and I use the word advisedly) "Highway to Hell" complete with a Casio version of a heavy riff. Aaaarrrggghh!
Aged male parental unit.