Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Ask and you shall receive

While I was lamenting my lack of camera in my last post Classmate Chris was emailing me some of his photos from last night:Speaking of cameras, and in what appears to be becoming a March tradition: I need a better camera for class later in the year (apparently 2.1 megapixels just doesn't cut the mustard these days). I've had a couple of offers to borrow friends' but don't feel comfortable in case I damage them (the cameras, not the friends!).

If you have (or know of someone who has) upgraded your digital camera and still have the old one hanging around (minimum 4 megapixel) I'd love to talk about giving it a new and loving home at Chateau TSS. It seems silly buying a brand new one when there are so many old ones out there...

(Yes, I'm wearing a black and white stripy shirt to class, something I swore I wouldn't do as it would make me a walking cliché)

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