Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Melbourne trip part 4: Savers, Scenes and Sun on Sunday

Sunday morning we had a slow start, which was particularly useful as I'd shown Kerry my super easy overnight bread recipe the night before and so we needed to wait for the baking to be done before we headed out.

First stop was Savers, where the price delusion disease seems to be hitting particularly hard: a vintage linen tea towel (slightly stained)? $5.99. An art book? $39.99. Two old willow tins? $34.99.

I did buy a pair of jeans to replace a pair that died last week ($6.99) and a book ($9.99).

After a slap up lunch of fresh bread, hummus and cherry tomatoes (followed by bread and jam for afters) we went back to Federation Square and ACMI to see Setting the Scene: film design from Metropolis to Australia.
Which was fabulous. Here are a few more surreptitious photos for you:Another model, this time the staircase from The Name of the Rose.The sitting room from Australia, which I'd planned to see on Friday night except I was sitting in the back of a car driving to Melbourne, not in a theatre at ANU...

Speaking of theatres, our final stop of the day was the deliciously deco Sun theatre in Yarraville where Kerry had freebies to see Dean Spanley.We had the La Scala theatre completely and utterly to ourselves and took great delight in sprawling on the large leather sofas, sipping our wine (in glasses this time!) while watching the movie and doing lots of usually forbidden things. Like texting boyfriends (Kerry), standing up randomly in the middle of the movie (me) and talking very loudly whenever we felt like it (both of us) It was great!We ended the weekend back at Kerry's in a very suitable manner: watching Poirot on TV.

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Pubdoll said...

Thanks for posting your surreptitious photos, both these and of the fantastic model from Mon Oncle! I want that front yard!

And - Art Deco rocks! (and so does Art Nouveau..)