Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friday night: Five or Free

Last night was the closing of David Wills' There are too many things in the cupboard at ANU School of Art. I've been to many openings but I think this was my first closing. And it had an intriguing added twist: Five or Free.

The blurb from the site:

"Five or free is a chance for you to own a part of There are too many things in the cupboard by David Wills. Select an image or images from the wall and draw a ticket(s) for each image selected—draw free and the image is yours, draw $5 then you have to pay $5 for it."

It was great fun. Armed with a $2 glass of wine each, J, Cycling S and I perused the walls in search of images that jumped out at us. I was intrigued at the fact people were picking images from completely disparate parts of the wall to matching together in new and interesting ways, and think there should be a follow-up online exhibition showing what "art" people have created with the images they chose.
I got six photos. Two were free. Ironically this one wasn't (even though I tried to point out it should have been):

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m1k1 said...

What a fun evening it must have been. Even at $5 each I reckon they were a bargain.