Tuesday, March 03, 2009

For argument's sake

As promised, here's the other piece I did last night. First a bit of background: we all took it in turns posing for blind contour drawings. Then we had to cut the drawings out and arrange them on a larger piece of paper until we got a composition and story that worked for us. After we glued them down we then drew over them, linking them together.

It was quite amazing to see all the different end results we got: I should have had my camera with me (since remedied by the simple act of taking my spare camera and putting it in my work box. Duh!). There were a few party scenes and an art gallery scene I found particularly clever...

My plan for the piece was based around these head sketches of Jessica, Lee and Amanda, all of whom ended up looking quite peeved:I arranged the rest of the figures around the central group: interestingly enough I didn't realise at the time the arguers were all small head sketches and the bystanders mainly full length sketches...
I added layers of orange and red coloured pencil, felt tip pen and soft pastel in jagged and scrawling lines around the argument and sweeps of grey pastel around the edges to unify the group of bystanders. And finally I highlighted significant parts of the centre group in bright red.

I'm very pleased with the end result!

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Helen said...

It reminds me of my job. Arguing heads close up and people enjoying themselves in the distance.