Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Class tonight: Peachy keen

(Or should that be Peachy Green?)

Our teacher seemed to realise that the deep end was a tad too deep for most of us last week and so spent some of this class recapping. And since we knew most of the answers to the questions she asked (cause she told us last week) I think we all felt most chuffed and thus much more positive (or at least I did)

After bossy-guts Classmate Chris demanded I started mixing me some colour I tried making a green to match the colour wheel:But all I managed was Cacky green, Another cacky green, Baby diarrhoea green, Eucalyptus green, Is this the same as the first one? green, Mushy peas, Overboiled spinach, and (my favorite) Oh I give up green.

I think I have a future as a namer of paint colours (if not as a mixer of said colours). At least I now understand why my teacher tells us the best way to mix green (and orange. And purple) is to go buy a tube of the colour...

Changing the subject, I'm sure you'd like to hear about my latest mad scheme. It's my birthday in a couple of months. I have a tradition of not being here for my birthday (except for once when I accidentally was) Yes, I'm gainfully underemployed so should be a sensible-type lass but I'm plotting....

I could spend my birthday here. With a free return flight thanks to my Qantas points (and enough left over to get me to the dentist later in the year). Staying at the Youth Hostel should cost $AU61 a night for a private room. And I have cruise buddies from 18 months ago who will be turning up here for a day two days after my birthday so there's no chance of getting lonely (very drunk maybe, never lonely!).

I could practice my really bad French ("C'est ma fête s'il vous plaît donnez-moi un gros rabais"). Even better: "Donnez-moi le libre!"

But being the sensible (*snort*) mature (*double snort*) person I am I'm going with a 24 hour cooling down period before doing anything rash like booking tickets...

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