Monday, March 16, 2009

Gaining some perspective

I finally pulled the paints out this afternoon after telling myself that my colour wheel really doesn't have to be perfect and that even though the teacher told us we'd be using it for the rest of our lives I can always make another, better, one later if I need it...I felt encouraged when I noticed that my mixed paint looked like a happy smiley old lady with buns on each side of her head:
Tonight's class was all about perspective. I first tried working with perspective when I was about four years old but couldn't quite get it (strangely enough!)

This time round I did much better:(Perhaps it was because the boxes were white?)Our final exercise was to draw the person opposite us with their hand outstretched. Here's Justin's sketch of me:and mine of him:And I was truly flattered to see a knock-off version of my art bag, created by Dani.Aren't all the best designers' work knocked off at some stage?

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Anonymooselibrarian said...

I like your sketch of Justin ,it's really cool :)