Thursday, March 12, 2009

Crisis averted

It took:

1. The installation of my "FU" attitude in the spot where my "This is all too hard" attitude had somehow taken up residency last night.

2. An early morning run to the CIT Library to borrow a pile of books on colour theory (once I actually found the books: they have hidden them round the corner out of sight. Maybe they scare the young people?)

3. An iced coffee (and free olives) at Ha Ha with J (also a student, also dealing with similar new student-y issues)

4. A little light frugalling (to clear the soul).

5. Setting up a Yahoo group for my class.

6. An outing and takeaway with Cycling S, who provided a dessert which unintentionally made this whole colour theory stuff much more appetising:

And now I feel much better.


m1k1 said...


Michelle said...

Hooray for days like these!

Rebecca said...

You could fill in a few more segments with chocolates, too - green, for example ;-)
I reckon you could market your confidence picture as a postcard or screensaver - I'd definitely buy one!

Janet McKinney said...

Good on you - sometimes it just takes a bit of time, and a chance for the attitude to brew up inside of you to chase it all away.

I can remember learning about post modernism, and it literally felt that I was creating new neurone pathways in my brain - and it hurt! One day it will all come together for you - but I suspect you will always be a black and white girl