Monday, November 10, 2008

K,L,M pretty much sums up the past week, socially at least

K for knitting ... at The Canberra Theatre Subscription Season launch last Wednesday. Taph wasn't impressed. I was and am currently trying to stretch my theatre sub budget to it's full extent for next year as I'll be needing it (maybe $6 a week isn't enough?)

L for ligging

... at the same event.
M for museums (and history)

... Saturday afternoon saw The Old Flame,
Taph and I at Old Parliament House for the Dismissal Tour. Taph said it was essential as part of my quest to become more Australian. (So far I've managed to escape attending a B&S Ball which I've been assured is definitely part of this quest)There was knitting (I'm sure Taph will reveal the full story in time!)

There was silliness,but alas no ligging.
Still, it was all quite exhausting...

M for museums (and history):

Sunday I went to
CMAG to get a proper look at the brilliant In the Can exhibition (did I mention I missed seeing it due to a tad to much ligging at the opening?) and attend a couple of events:

Out of the Shadows: Andrew Pike, former Manager of Electric Shadows, reminisces about the role of independent cinemas in the community and in the film industry.

Plus a screening of a rough cut of a documentary shot about the closing of Electric Shadows. Which was brilliant and should be posted to every household in Canberra forthwith!

No knitting: I forgot to take it. No photos. I forgot to take any. And the only ligging in sight was the bowl of Fantails they had on a table at the door of the theatre...

That's OK: the next two weeks are the DJs pre-Christmas evenings with free champers. Alas I bought enough Actil First Line sheet sets at last year's event to last a lifetime (seriously!). I just found a source for the Actil towels from heaven (and have at least a four year supply winging it's way to me) and as for perfume on the Christmas option, the card's a
wee bit full of bed. Rats!

There's also another book launch at
The Co-op bookshop next week which I know will include free champers...

All together now:

"Tis the season
to be liggin'
Falalalala la la lala!"

(All photos thanks to Taph)

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I'm beginning to think you may have made a serious study of this.