Saturday, March 27, 2010

And suddenly, it's tomorrow.

Yesterday was a little packed to the rafters.

Work. Back at the library. After two weeks of sitting on my tush elsewhere I was worried I'd gone soft, but so far I'm OK.

I booked my freebie birthday trip to Melbourne at lunchtime.

Spotted sock knitting in the afternoon, and remembered to pull out my camera to record the event:(Here are some she prepared earlier...)

After work I changed my shirt and skedaddled across town to meet a friend who invited me to opening night at the Antiques and Collectibles Fair at Albert Hall:This was my first time there and I was almost swept away with the excitement of the night (and a couple of glasses of free wine) and found myself eyeing up a beautiful silver box before mentally slapping myself upside the head and reminding myself that if I happened to have $125 to spend it probably wouldn't be spent on a silver box, however beautiful. Ah, but dreams are free...

As was the next part of the evening (no, not finished yet!)

ANU Film Group. 8pm: The Lovely Bones. A movie unique in the fact that...

a) there were dolls houses as a main part of the plot. Note the plural. Unfortunately the situation was somewhat ruined by the fact the maker of said dolls houses was the person who murdered the main character and that I knew that the kits and components shown didn't exist in the very early 70s, when the movie was set...

b) there was knitting. No actual knitting in progress was sighted but the mother said she knitted and presented her (soon to be dead) daughter with a hand knitted hat which became integral to the plot.

c) they included one of my favourite songs in the soundtrack. A lovely surprise:

d) I spotted the name of an old lover in the credits. Always nice.

ANU Film Group. 10:20pm: An Education. One handknitted cable jumper. No dolls houses or op shops (or ex-lovers) but lots of very lovely early 1960s fashion which I wanted to steal and run away with.

At 12:15am it was off to find Miss Daisy, drive home and wash my shirt for a shift which starts at 8:15am this morning. In about 7 hours.

And I seem to have forgotten to mention I received an email from someone claiming to be from The New York Times wanting to do a phone interview about modern miniatures in the next day or so. Quite when, I'm not sure...


Rebecca said...

Nice to see the Albert Hall again! Were there any miniatures?
I must get to see The Lovely Bones (haven't actually read it, I must admit). Even though I'd rather see homemade early 70s dolls houses, or Lundby/Barton/Brio/etc anyday, than later kit dolls houses, whether anachronistic or not!

Ceiridwen said...

I loved "The Lovely Bones" though I do think I need to read it cuz some bits of the movie was a bit =/
Haha I thought of you when the mother gave the beanie AND the dollhouses. Lol.