Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Free fizz, food and a french movie with a friend

That pretty much sums up my Monday.

The free fizz? The link bar at Canberra Theatre is considering stocking a new sparking wine and decided to use the staff as guinea pigs. So we were presented with a glass of it for afternoon tea to gauge our reactions. Alas I doubt this is a regular occurrence...

The food wasn't quite so exciting but still much appreciated:
Ampersand Duck and I shared some of her sushi before going to see the preview of Micmacs*:

which was completely crazy in a fabulously quirky way (but with a real and serious comment on the arms industry** included).

I knew I'd enjoy it as Amelie is one of my fave films, but I didn't expect to love the sets quite so much. In fact there were times that I was so mesmerised by something I saw in the background that I completely forgot to read the captions...

And the family's headquarters, hidden under a pile of rubbish, brought back a rush of memories of reading Alfred Hitchcock's Three Investigators books when I was young (and the yearning to find the money to head out on an op shopping and market hunting bender some time very very soon!)

(*Thanks to Taph, who won free tickets but was out of town on a fibre frenzy)
(** Yes, the rocket theme continues, just not the sort I'd originally imagined...)

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