Saturday, March 06, 2010

Dog tired

13 days straight working
at 3 jobs (1 new) with 10 potential workplaces
which have a total 13 door codes to try and remember.
During which time I posted 1 Swap-Bot swap parcel

published 1 ezine and updated 1 website
took 1 eye test

baked 1 batch of cupcakes, 2 loaves of bread and made 1 batch of hummus.
I also read 1 book
and watched 2 movies.

I have no idea why I'm feeling so exhausted. Do you?

Luckily I now have 2 days off.

(photo: Rooster Collie by Emily Valentine at Craft ACT)


Jodie said...

exhausted??? head would have exploded !

Ceiridwen said...

You are so productive! With me.. "I'll read a book... oh im tired Ill take a nap" and that's only 1 thing on your list