Sunday, March 21, 2010

Playing with myself

I had a very long list of essential but boring things to do today: my only day off in 23 (assuming The National Folk Festival gets back to me about volunteering over Easter. If not my schedule looks much less scary)

The good news is I got some of them done. The bad news is I somehow decided experimenting with new art supplies was a little more important (the lawns can wait a few more days, right?)

Rocket #2:
Using fine liners and taking inspiration from the rocket in Toy Symphony last night.

Rocket #3 somehow morphed into a bird: I suspect the bird planes from Emily Valentine's exhibition are to blame...

Rocket #4 was created while testing some op shop markers to see if they still worked:
The answer: no, once I actually drew more than two lines with each one. Parents: listen to Soule Mama and buy your kids decent art supplies. These were from one of those "spend $15 and get a kazillion markers, pens and pencils" sets. None of which work for more than 2 seconds...

Rocket #5:Playing with the brush pens.

There was more playing and experimenting (as the dishes lay unwashed):
And now it's too late to mow the lawns so I'll settle in for a Leonard Cohen CD festival courtesy of my pile of new CDs. Oddly enough I've missed knowing too much about his work, except for covers by people like Jennifer Warnes and Ian McCulloch so it's a bit weird listening to the originals...

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