Thursday, March 25, 2010

I had yesterday morning off

Which meant catching up on some reading in bed (and some knitting of the 2010 winter jumper) (Don't you love how well the colours work together?)

We've got blog is more interesting than I original thought: published in 2002 it's basically blogging ancient history but some things are still very relevant and the others are a wonderfully intriguing view on how and when the blogging movement started...

And I was very happy to see the arrival of
Uppercase issue 4 in the mail this week (preview the entire issue here)

But a morning off and
a little spare cash in my wallet meant I had the pressing need to leave my bed, get dressed and head off to a couple of op shops.

My haul for the morning:
The The Soul Mining: $3 at Salvos Mitchell (I have it on vinyl, not CD)
Latch hook tool: $4 at Vinnies Belconnen (to go with the carton of vintage rug kits and backings I was given by a colleague a couple of months ago)
Vintage suitcase and Basement Jaxx The Singles: $5 and $1 at Y's Buys Belconnen.

I know I said "no more suitcases" a while back but look!For $5, how could I leave it there?

Especially when this was on the side:I was home, feeling satisfied, by noon. Just in time to meet Nibbs, who was being dropped off by the Vet, who had taken him overnight for a major tooth cleaning exercise under anesthetic.

Poor Nibbs wasn't feeling at all well. I tried not to laugh as he wobbled across the kitchen like a newborn foal, but it was very very hard. As was leaving the poor beasty to catch the bus to work. I spent the afternoon picturing him drowned in his water bowl or sprawled at the bottom of the stairs after losing balance on the way up to bed.

Luckily, J was able to pop in to see how he was on her way home from work at 3:30pm and report back that he was still groggy but looking perkier.

Which meant I felt a lot less guilty heading to Canberra Museum and Gallery after my shift to see their International Women's Day screening of the excellent
For Love or Money (tracing the history of women's work in Australia from the 1700s to 1980), drinking their bubbles and eating their blue cheese and grapes...


MTB Girl said...

Nice haul! That's a lovely suitcase, I don't blame you for giving it a new home. I'm on the lookout for some for my fabric and craft stash. Much nicer than plastic tubs!

Lara said...

I love "The The"!

So long since I have listened to this album :)

Sarah said...

Poor Nibbs, hope he is feeling better now! As I read your description of your morning off I could have been reading about myself! That suitcase is a great find! Did you see the trunk I got for free from a skip the other day? That has a great label peeling off the side too.

Salwar Kameez said...

i love this post. Great blog.

Janine said...

Thanks for the photo of UPPERCASE magazine and for being a reader! I look forward to reading more of your blog.

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