Tuesday, March 02, 2010


...was still pretty crappy. But being the Pollyanna that I am I tell myself it really wasn't that bad:

I have a clean (and almost dry) doona/ duvet. Just in time for the autumn update of the bed.

I finished the book.

And am past the heel on the first sock.

I got given chocolate. Green and Blacks, even.

And (by other people) sushi, more chocolate (Dove) and plum jam, green tomato relish and green tomato sauce.

I saw Mao's Last Dancer and laughed at the Sydney pretending to be Houston bits. (There were also a couple of hand knits:nothing worth getting excited about...)

I caught up with friends (see above)

Who, as well as food, gave me (more) fluffy yarn as well as fabric and dolls house furniture.

I managed to make hummus.

And have bread dough in the fridge rising overnight for early morning baking before work tomorrow.

There's a very good chance the Dolls Houses Past and Present ezine will go live tomorrow morning. I'm just debating how to deal with the missing article: have an empty page in memory of what could have been, or just skip that page.


diepuppenstubensammlerin said...

Hello shopping sherpa,
I just want to thank you, because today I received the wonderful designed "The Miniatures. An adventure in the Bren collection".
It took only 6 days from New Zealand to Germany and Denise Wilkinson was so very helpful and nice when we telephoned and figured out the possible ways of payment.
The picture book is so unique and I am very grateful because I own the pictured dolls myself and I have never seen them in a story.

Kerry@tranquiltownhouse said...

I think that being a Pollyanna is seriously under-rated! Sounds like a pretty good day to me: friends, food, films, fluff, fabric, furniture (that's it for the alliteration!) and books. What more could a girl want apart from the puke free doona (and you got that too)!
Hope today's better.