Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Wednesday was...

* Bread baked and taken to work with hummus for quick devouring all round (odd how the simple things are often the most appreciated...)

* A postcard from a friend who is currently in India. I'm most jealous.

* Keeping the theme (India, not jealously) with an exhibition opening invite from CMAG with elephants on it. Elephants walking across Civic Square. Perfect.

* A $30 Witchery gift card which arrived with my marie claire subscription (and which I appear to have lost)

* A fabulously mad storytime (I get paid to do this?!)

* A wonderfully unexpected but much appreciated gift. Which shall, for the time being, remain secret...

* PAY! Not much but the budget for the week is slightly less squeaky.

* Arriving home to find that someone decided that my house just had to have black and white stripes painted on the road in front of it:
(obviously the world does revolve around me... But if given the option, I'd have preferred a turning lane as driving across this now breaks the law)

* And my traffic lights are trying to make up for the monochromatic invasion (all three lights at once? How very disco...)* One magazine published. In the end a wise friend reminded me that it didn't have to be perfect as then there'd be nothing to improve on. So I embraced my inner 80/20 rule and pushed the publish button. (Eek! I'm now a Magazine Editor!!)

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Ceiridwen said...

A magazine editor for a dollhouse thing? :D Eeeek! Im proud! Hey everyone! This is my cousin!

Eh, the world involves around you (as well as everyone :P ..) Gotta stay optimistic eh? Yay for black and white