Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday frugal and free (aka: Why it's been a bit quiet around here lately)

I've been inundated with free entertainment options this week, and have made the most of the opportunities (plus made sure to spread the love amongst the people I know!)

Tuesday morning: I was given a free UK Elle magazine (which I haven't bought for ages) and one of those new fangled retractable highlighters, courtesy of the local newsagents, to prove how fabulous they are (the highlighters, not the newsagents, although they're pretty fabulous, too...)

Tuesday evening: Saw The Boys Are Back at ANU Film Group (with free chocolate courtesy of J.)

Wednesday evening: I finally used my free tickets to see Tom Ford's A Single Man at Dendy (courtesy of Canberra's Got Style). I took a friend who bought ice creams for us before and coffee for us afterwards.

Thursday morning: I received a supply of ever so slightly out of date (but still delicious) Whittakers chocolate slabs. Which I was good enough to take to work to share rather than hoard to scoff all by myself...

Thursday evening: Was spent at the theatre, after being offered last minute free tickets to see Candy Man. The friend I took bought us dinner before hand and drinks at the theatre.

Tonight: I'm off to see Where the Wild Things Are at ANU Film Group. And have just received confirmation of free house seats to Toy Symphony at Canberra Theatre tomorrow night.

On Sunday I have a night off to recover before another freebie movie on Monday night. I'm tired. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with input. And very very lucky...

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Taphophile said...

Didn't see you at Where the Wild Things Are. Mind you, we may have nodded off for a while, but still enjoyed it. Animatronics! Brilliant!