Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The curious incident of the bottle of milk on the front porch

When I ventured out this morning to check the mail I found this sitting on the front porch. Very odd. I left it there in the hope the rightful owner would remember they'd somehow left it behind and come back and collect it. But it's still there, curdling gently in the sun. Perhaps it'll be gone again by morning?

Speaking of gone by morning... at the post office I discovered my something chocolate swap package had arrived (even before it's due to be sent out - I feel very bad that mine is still sitting on the kitchen dresser waiting to be posted.)

Look at all these yummy goodies! None of your chainstore chocolate here, No Siree, quality boutique products all the way. I'm one severely spoilt blogger. But will they still be here in the morning???

(Reading the labels on these brings me to something I've been wanting to clarify for a while. They say "a fourth generation candy family" but this is chocolate (well, chocolate covered pretzels, if you want to be a pedant. Which I want to, often).

Here in Australia (and in New Zealand) I believe "candy" is lollies or sweets which include things like jelly beans, licorice allsorts, wine gums, jubes and such. But a snickers bar (for instance) is chocolate.

I'm suspecting that in the USA "candy" is used to cover anything sweet that rots your teeth - so a Hershey's Kiss, for instance, is candy even though it's chocolate. Please help this poor confused Antipodean (and feel free to send a multitude of examples to reinforce your lesson!))

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shanna said...

YUM! I say candy for almost everything from chocolate to hard candies...the only time i say chocolate is when:
"that chocolate is calling my name! i have to eat it!" or "i NEED chocolate NOW!"
...you know how it goes!

Serpa's Grandmother said...

Dear Grandaughter,Maybe the milk was left by some concerned neighbour who realises that after 40 your bones shrink unless they have extra calcium. Also chocolate steals calcium from your bones.
You keep your refrigerator cleaner than I do mine. Must be your mother's side of the family!
Love Gran

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Dear Grandmother

You obviously haven't seen my neighbour. Concerned he definately isn't and he'd be more likely to leave orange juice on the porch, not milk.

Hmmm... refrigerator. Haven't taken a picture of that yet. Maybe I could start a series of tours of my kitchen, cupboard by cupboard? ;-)